Final WOD Presented By Shoemaker Financial

April 8, 2013 WOD Info

Thank you to Jeremy Smith at Shoemaker Financial for sponsoring our fifth and final WOD.  This WOD will be for the top five competitors in the Men's and Women's Rx Division.  For this WOD, you will...have to wait until about 4pm on April 13th to know what to do!

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Event Schedule

April 8, 2013 Event News

7:45 am - 8:15 am:  Athlete Registration

8:30am:  Athlete and Judge debriefing

9:00am:  Competition begins -two WODs will be run at once

4:00pm:  Athletes will be finished with the four preliminary WODs

Final WOD, presented by Jeremy Smith at Shoemaker Financial, for top five Rx Male and Female competitors.

4:30pm:  Awards presentation

5:00pm:  Chill out!

*Youth competition will include three WODs and athletes will be ranked according to performance in those three WODs.

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WOD Presented By Pilkerton Realtors

April 7, 2013 WOD Info

Thank you, Hagan Stone at Pilkerton Realtors, for this next WOD:

Rx competitors need to have their jump ropes ready to spin twice per rep, and be able to lift 65 pounds from ground to overhead.  All competitors need to warm up their burpee!

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Spring Chick Discount!

April 6, 2013 Event News

We need more ladies!  From now on, all ladies that sign up can also sign up a "chick" friend for half price.  Ladies that are already signed up, find a friend to join you for half price!

To get the "Spring Chick" discount, simply sign up for the event as usual, then have your friend sign up on their own selecting the "1/2 Off Spring Chick" in the pull-down menu.  The discounted competitor must name a full price competitor who is already registered.

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Thank you, Daily’s!

April 5, 2013 Sponsor News

Thank you, Daily's, for sponsoring our volunteers!

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Prize Sponsor, Trigger Point Performance Therapy

April 5, 2013 Sponsor News

Thank you to prize sponsor Trigger Point Performance Therapy!

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Shermie’s Food Truck!

April 4, 2013 Event News

Shermie's will have food on site - some Paleo, some not.


Plates: Includes meat and 2 sides

Smoked pulled pork = $9
Smoked sliced brisket = $10
Fajita chicken w/grilled onion and peppers = $10 Cajun grilled drumsticks = $9

Side items:

Home style green beans, baked sweet potatoes fries, mixed greens, carrots and a salad mix.

ala Carte:

Pork: $5 1⁄2lb $8 lb Brisket: $6 1⁄2lb $9 lb Chicken: $6 1⁄2lb $9 lb
Sides: $2

Jumbo Pulled Pork Sammich
Jumbo Brisket Sammich
Nathans All Beef Hotdogs
Cajun Grilled drumsticks
Chef Salad (turkey/ham, egg & tomato) Cold Wrap (turkey/ham)

Hot Wrap (brisket/fajita chicken)

$5.00 $6.00

$4.00 $2.00 each

$5.00 $5.00 $6.00

All wraps come with lettuce, tomato &

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WOD Presented By Fashletics

April 4, 2013 WOD Info

Fashletics' slogan is "Live, Love, Lift" and while we can't help you with living or loving, this WOD will get you lifting.

The lift is clean and jerk and the higher your max, the better you'll do!

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Thank You, Books-A-Million!

April 3, 2013 Sponsor News

Thanks to Books-A-Million for being an all age group prize sponsor!

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WOD Presented By The Bottle Shop

April 1, 2013 Sponsor NewsWOD Info

Thanks to The Bottle Shop at McEwen, you will be:

Pulling up - Swinging Kettlebells - and high tailing it for a short distance.

Have no fear, the pulling up bit can be assisted by elastic for scaled divisions.

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